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Is the Bluebell monitor helpful even if I co-sleep with my baby?

  • Safe sleep guidelines advise against co-sleeping.
  • The Bluebell monitor not meant to be a replacement for adult supervision and care. It’s designed to support you in confidently caring for your baby and yourself.
  • When you are room-sharing with baby (but not co-sleeping), the monitoring of breathing, skin temperature, room temperature, no breathing movement alert, and baby rolled-over on tummy alerts will still be helpful for your reassurance and peace of mind.
  • Note that if you are co-sleeping, it can pick-up external movement from you or other movements, so a few alerts could be inaccurate such as the breathing monitoring and no-breathing alerts.
  • The other non-monitoring related benefits (routine tracking, sleep tracking, night-light and lullabies and support for your own well-being) will still be helpful for you, regardless of your sleeping arrangements with baby.

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