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How do alerts work on the Parent wristband

  • Your Parent wristband gets alerts and information on baby from the Smart hub (when at home) or directly (when outside the home).
  • When an alert is received, it triggers a vibration, LED pattern and alert specific icons on an OLED screen to show that there is an alert. Alerts can be acknowledged with a button press. The type of vibration and the LED pattern varies with alert types. See how baby is doing with a quick glance of LED patterns that change with baby’s state.
  • Alerts produce a long vibration which repeats every five seconds for five minutes, or until confirmed.
  • Alerts are: baby stopped breathing, baby monitor not attached, baby has fallen, baby turned on tummy, baby’s temperature very high, baby’s temperature high, baby’s temperature low, baby crying, baby’s breathing rate high, baby’s breathing rate low, baby just woke up, and other
  • All monitoring alerts can be confirmed by pressing the top button.
  • If there is an ongoing alert (e.g. high temperature) it will be stored in the ongoing alert screen.

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