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Does this work outside the home?

  • Yes! Due to our innovative use of the networking technology, the Baby monitor and Parent wristband continue to work together when you leave the house and are out of range of the Smart hub.
  • Please note that it could take a few minutes after leaving the house before the Parent wristband and Baby monitor resume their connection.
  • This means that when you are out of the house without the Smart hub, you can still get alerts and notifications, but your Mobile app won’t be receiving any info from the Baby monitor or Parent wristband as they need the Smart hub to connect to the internet to connect to your app.
  • The Baby monitor and Parent wristband will save information when out of the range, and then send this to the Smart hub as soon as you’re back in its range, so no information will be lost.
  • When used outside, then Parent wristband will consume more battery power and its battery will last for a shorter amount of time (up to 16 hours depending on use). So you'll probably want to charge it when you get back home.
  • Also, if you go away for a weekend, or a longer holiday, you can easily take the sleek and compact Smart hub with you. Just connect it to a local, secure Wi-Fi network and continue enjoying all the benefits of Bluebell.

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