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What happens if the Baby monitor is not connected to my phone

  • Don't panic - the Baby monitor does not connect directly to your phone. If your Mobile app isn't working because of internet issues, you will still get alerts on baby on your Parent wristband.
  • The Baby monitor securely connects to the Parent wristband and Smart hub. The Baby monitor and Parent wristband don't directly connect to your Mobile app as they don't have any internet connection. The Smart hub connects to your Wi-Fi connection and connects to your Mobile app through the internet.
  • So, when the Baby monitor is not in range of the Smart hub (e.g. outside home), it will work with the Parent wristband and will store the data on baby's well-being. When you get home and it re-connects with the Smart hub, it will upload the data to Smart hub which will then update info on your app.

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