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What is The Bluebell Smart baby monitor's intended use?

  • This Bluebell Smart baby monitor is intended to be used as a support for parents in caring for their baby and themselves. It is not a replacement for monitoring by a responsible adult. It is not a replacement for parents’ own parenting instincts; parents are responsible for their baby’s wellbeing and safety.
  • The Bluebell Baby monitor is meant for use with babies from birth to 2 years of age. The alert thresholds are set as per monitoring guidelines for healthy babies and may not be as strict as a medical monitor.
  • It is not a medical device or monitor and it is not intended to be used for diagnosis, prevention, treatment, cure or monitoring of a disease or injury. It does not, in any way, affect function or structure of the body. It does not prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (also referred to as cot death). For any concerns about baby's health or safety, please contact a healthcare professional.
  • One Baby monitor should be used with one baby only.

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