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How does routine tracking work?

  • Both Parent wristband and Mobile app can be used to track routine events using start and/or end time, and amount (depending on routine activity). You can also see next routine activity due and receive notifications for next activity on Parent wristband.

  • You are able to track: breastfeeding, bottle feeding, solid feeding, pumping, sleep (any missing segments that aren’t automatically tracked), nappy changes, medication and other (something else that you may want to track).

Parent wristband: 

  • Press the top button on Parent wristband to navigate to the activity you want to track (e.g. breastfeeding) and then press the bottom button to start tracking.

  • You can select the tracking type and track the start/end time.

  • You’re not able to modify or delete events on the Parent wristband.

  • To track, use a quick press on the top button, (another quick press to select) and press the bottom button to confirm.

  • To check next due task, press the bottom button twice.

Mobile app:

  • The Mobile app allows you to plan your day and schedule baby’s routine activities in a simple manner. It shows you suggested routine times based on the historical pattern of baby, combined with expected pattern of baby (based on age).

  • To track an activity on your Mobile app, press the ‘plan’ button on the app’s home screen at the bottom. Then on the plan screen, press the ‘+’ button in the bottom corner to add a tracking activity. Depending on the activity, you can either track the activity with start time or end time, or you can track both duration and time. For feeds, you could also add amount of feed.

Changing routine tracking settings:

  • Bluebell allows you to personalise how you want to track your baby’s routine. You select which activities you want to track and how you want to track them.

  • Select ‘Routine Tracking Settings’ from the navigation ‘sandwich’ menu on the top left corner of the home screen of the app.

  • You will see all the items that you can track and you can switch them on or off. If you click on any of the tracking items on the list, it shows you extra options that allow you to change how you want to track them (by switching ‘on’ or ‘off’ for ‘Start time’, ‘End time’ or ‘Amount’).

  • There is also the option to select ‘Other’. You can use this for any other activities that you might wish to track. It allows you to describe the activity and track it like the others.

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