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How do I change family and user profile settings or edit account access levels or permissions?

  • Select ‘Family and devices’ from the navigation menu (top left corner of your app's home screen).

  • On the ‘Family’ screen, you will see your family name and two menus: one for Family (i.e. users and children), and another for devices (i.e. the Smart hub, Baby monitor and Parent device).

  • You can change your family name by clicking on the pencil icon opposite your family name.

  • On the top right corner of the profile screen, you can select ‘Switch’, which allows you to switch between different families (if you are a member of two different families with a Bluebell Smart baby monitor). This is designed particularly with babysitters in mind, who might be caring for multiple families at different times.

Under ‘Family’ menu:

  • You'll see two categories - ‘Users’ which is for parents and any visitors attached to the family and ‘Children’ - which is for the babies attached to the family.

  • You can use the plus buttons to to add more users or children to your family account.

  • You'll also see the Parent wristband icon against the user who is attached to the Parent wristband (they should be wearing it). By clicking on the users or the children in the list, you can change their profile on the next screen.

There are three types of user: 

  • Main parent - typically the parent who sets up the family account. There can only be one Main parent in the family account.

  • Shared parent - second parent or another user that has been included in the family as ‘parent’. There can be multiple shared parents included in the family account

  • Visitor - this is typically meant for other family members, babysitters or nannies who visit occasionally and look after baby. There can be multiple visitors included in the family.

  • The Main parent has control of the account and can add and delete new parents, visitors and children. They can also select which user is connected to the Parent wristband.

  • Shared parent users can’t add or remove a main or shared parent, but they can add and remove visitors. They can also add children and attach devices to users.

  • Visitors can't make any account or profile changes but can use the app in all other ways.

Under ‘Devices’ menu:

  • You will see the Smart hub, Baby monitor and Parent wristband on the list. For the Baby monitor and Parent wristband, you will see the user or child they're attached to.

  • Clicking on the Smart hub, Baby monitor or Parent wristband will show you which family they are attached to, the device id and the device type.

  • For the Smart hub, if there's a software update available, you'll see it here and be able to click and update.

  • For the Baby monitor and Parent wristband, you'll also see the user or child they are attached to, and it gives an option to attach to a user or attach to a child.

  • When you click ‘Attach to user’ or ‘Attach to baby’, the next screen will show you the users or babies in the family that you can choose to attach the device to.

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