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I'm missing some alerts.

  • Reason: The alert settings for those alerts could be turned off or might be set to alert you after some delay.
    • Solution: Check alert settings on the Mobile app to see that the settings for the affected alerts are how you want them. You can choose to switch them on and off, and change the reaction times between fast and slow.
    • Please note that changing settings on the Mobile app of the user who has the Parent wristband attached to their account will automatically update the settings on Parent wristband as long as Parent wristband is within range of the Smart hub. So always check the Mobile settings of the account that has Parent wristband attached to it. You'll see the Parent wristband icon against the user it’s attached to.

  • Reason: The alerts might be confirmed on the Mobile app or the Parent wristband.
    • Solution: Bluebell triggers alerts on both Mobile app and Parent wristband. And the alerts can be confirmed/acknowledged on either of these. So, if an alert gets confirmed on the Parent wristband then it would also be silenced on the Mobile app of the user that’s attached to the Parent wristband. If the issue that triggered the alert initially is still ongoing (e.g. baby has a temperature) then you can still see the ongoing alerts by pressing the bottom button of the Parent wristband, or by pressing the alert history button on the home screen of the Mobile app.

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