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I can't start/stop the audio or adjust audio volume or night light from the Mobile app.

  • Reason: Your Mobile phone doesn't have an internet connection.
    • Solution: Make sure it's connected to Wi-Fi or data and refresh the app.

  • Reason: Your Smart hub isn't connected to Wi-Fi or your Wi-Fi is not working properly.
    • Solution: Check the Smart hub Wi-Fi connectivity. If the Smart hub nightlight is blinking with medium speed, then it means that it is not connected to Wi-Fi. If the night light is blinking with slow speed, then it means it is connected to the Wi-Fi but does not have internet access. If the night light is on constantly (without blinking) then it means that the hub is connected to Wi-Fi and has internet access. Depending on whether the issue is hub’s connection to Wi-Fi or not having internet access, you can solve accordingly. Try unplugging the hub and plugging it back in to restart it.

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