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Your Baby monitor isn’t connected

Is your Baby monitor far away from your Smart hub?

  • Move the Baby monitor a bit closer to the Smart hub. In a normal house, the Baby monitor will connect reliably if it’s in the same room or next room as the Smart hub. If the baby monitor disconnects, it will automatically reconnect when in range. Reconnecting to the hub after getting back into the range of the Smart hub can take a few mins.
  • If you’re outside the house then your Baby monitor will automatically connect with your Parent wristband after ~5 mins and you’ll will receive alerts there. During this transition the Parent wristband shows the disconnection alert before connecting to notify you that you have moved out of the range of the Smart hub.
  • Information is saved on your Baby Monitor when out of the range of the hub and it's updated to your account once you’re back in range.

Is your Baby monitor near your Smart hub?

  • If you can receive alerts and see your baby's status on your Parent wristband but not on the app, it could be a sign of the devices being out of range of the Smart hub or the internet connection of your Smart hub or smartphone not working properly.
  • Make sure your Baby monitor’s been set up properly - on your app, click on the top left menu > Family & Devices > Devices and check that your Baby monitor appears there. If not, you may have to set it up again by pressing the + button on the top of the Devices tab.
  • Your Baby monitor’s might have run out of battery. Put it on charge for a little while to see if this has caused the issue.
  • In some cases the wifi router can interfere with the signal that connects the Baby monitor with the Smart hub. You can check this by going to on your app, click on the top left menu > Family & Devices > Devices and check if the Smart hub has a warning triangle next to it. If so, follow the instructions on the app to resolve this interference to improve the connectivity.
  • The Baby monitor can disconnect during software update. You can see if a software update is in progress by observing the nightlight of the Smart hub. If it is doing a sweeping motion back and forth, it means that software update is in progress. In this case, wait for a few minutes for the software update to complete.
  • If none of the above helps and the Baby monitor hasn’t automatically connected within 5 minutes, unplug and replug your Smart hub and wait for a few minutes for the Smart hub to start and Baby monitor to connect.

If that doesn’t work, pop an email over to the Bluebell Care Team on or chat to us and we’ll help you out.

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