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Your Parent wristband isn’t connected

Is your Parent wristband far away from your Smart hub?

  • Move the Parent wristband closer to the Smart hub. In a normal house, the Parent wristband should connect reliably to the Smart hub in a normal-size house. If the Parent wristband disconnects, it will automatically reconnect when in range of the Smart hub. Reconnecting can take a few mins.
  • You will still get alerts on your Mobile app if the Baby monitor is in range of the Smart hub.

Are you outside the house?

  • If you and your baby are outside, your Baby monitor will automatically connect with your Parent wristband and you’ll get alerts on there. This transition typically takes ~5 mins. When this happens, the Parent wristband shows the disconnection alert before connecting to notify you that you have moved out of the range of the Smart hub.

  • You can stop alerts on your Parent wristband by changing modes to “Alerts off” or “Flight mode” or “Hibernate”. You can turn the alerts off simply by doing a long press on the bottom button. You can enable alerts by, again, doing a long press on the bottom button.

  • Alternatively, you can do a long press on the top button of your Parent wristband and then toggle (for turning off alerts, flight mode (preserve battery up to 20 days) and power off mode) and select by clicking the bottom button. (See video on how to do this).

  • You’ll start getting info on your app again once you’re back home and in range of your Smart hub.

  • Info is saved in your Baby Monitor and Parent wristband and then it’s updated to the system once you’re back in range, so you won’t lose any data!

Is your Parent wristband near the Smart hub?


  • Make sure your Parent wristband has been setup properly  - on your app, click on the top left menu > Family & Devices > Devices and check that your Parent wristband appears there. If not, you may have to reconnect it to your family.

  • Your Parent wristband’s battery might be low - you’ll know this if the display doesn’t come on. Try putting it on charge for a little while.

  • Make sure your Parent wristband isn’t in flight mode (in flight mode you can see a small airplane icon on the clock screen of your Parent wristband).

  • If this doesn’t help and your Parent wristband hasn’t automatically connected within 5 minutes, unplug and replug your Smart hub.

If that doesn’t work, pop an email over to the Bluebell Care Team on or or chat to us and we’ll help you out.

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