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Your Smart hub isn’t connected to the internet

Are your Smart hub lights flashing every 5 seconds?

  • This means your Smart hub is connected to your internet router but cannot access the internet for some reason. Please check your router and see if there’s a connection problem with your internet provider.

  • You’ll still get alerts on your Parent wristband if it’s within range of your Smart hub, even if your internet connection is down.

  • You won’t get any info through to your app until the hub is connected to the internet again.

Are your Smart hub lights flashing every second?

  • This is normal behaviour before the Smart hub is set up initially. Please ensure you have followed the setup instructions on the app to set up the Smart hub.

  • If you have already set up the Smart hub successfully, this means that the Smart hub can’t connect to your internet router. Check that your router is on and your Smart hub is sufficiently close to it.

  • If your router is on and the wifi credentials haven't changed, you can unplug and restart the hub to make it attempt to reconnect on the stored wifi network.

  • If the wifi network details have changed, go to your app menu (top left), select ‘Smart hub WiFi settings’, change you wifi network in the phone settings to BluebellHub-Setup and enter your WiFi name and password. Smart hub restarts after inputting the WiFi credentials.

Is the Smart hub on and the nightlight is solid?

  • Smart hub nightlight is solid for up to 1 min immediately after starting up. If you have just started up the Smart hub, wait for the Smart hub to fully on (indicated by the startup chime).
  • Check that your phone has reliable internet connection. Close the app and restart it again.
  • If this happens during setup process, check if the Smart hub has been added to your family successfully on the app side menu > Family & devices > Devices tab. If you cannot see the Smart hub doesn't show up on the list, the setup might have failed. You can reset the wifi credentials by pressing the microphone mute and volume down buttons together for ~10 secs until you hear a loud chime. This means that the wifi credentials have been reset and the hub restarts in BluebellHub-Setup mode.

Is the nightlight sweeping back and forth on the Smart Hub?

  • The hub is starting up or updating the software. Please don’t unplug the hub as this might result in software installation or startup failing.
  • If the hub light continues to sweep for over 10 mins, please contact our Bluebell Care Team on or or chat to us.

Is there no nightlight on the Smart Hub?


  • Press the nightlight button on the hub a few times. If the nightlight doesn’t come on, your hub might not be working properly.
  • Unplug and replug your Smart hub and check that the power cable is working.
  • If this doesn’t work, pop an email over to the Bluebell Care Team on or or chat to us.

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