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How do I reduce false no breathing alerts?

Make sure your little one’s wearing their Baby monitor correctly. 

  • It should be worn in the centre of the chest, on their innermost layer of clothing.
  • The baby monitor should be attached to the innermost vest. This vest shouldn't be too loose to ensure the baby monitor moves with baby's chest movement. 

  • If the baby monitor is pressed against hard surface (e.g. while playing on the floor on tummy) the baby monitor might not move and might not detect breathing. This could similarly happen during feeding or holding the baby if the baby monitor is not moving.

If this doesn't help, try adjusting the sensitivity levels. Babies have pauses in their breathing, so these pauses may be giving you false alerts. You can change the ‘no breathing’ sensitivity from fast to slow by clicking here. [Hyperlink to Alerts page].

Please note: You may NOT get ‘no breathing’ alerts when there is other external movement, such as being in a moving stroller/car or while rocking the baby, as the external movement can affect how their breathing is monitored.

Are you still receiving constant no breathing alerts?

Please let us know and we’ll help you resolve this. Send an email over to the Bluebell Care Team on or chat to us.

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