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Roll on tummy alert

What should I do if Bluebell says my baby has rolled on their tummy?

  • Safer sleep advice says that babies should always be put to sleep on their backs until they’re old enough to turn over on their own. This can help to keep them safe while they sleep.

  • If you get this alert, check on baby. If they’ve rolled onto their tummy, gently turn them onto their back.

  • Once your baby learns to turn over by themselves, you can turn this alert off in the Alert settings.

What does it mean by “lying on tummy for XX minutes”?

  • This is an ongoing alert which means that the issue Bluebell has alerted you about is still happening.

  • You’ll also see a small warning triangle icon on your Parent wristband clock screen, which will automatically disappear when the ongoing alerts stop.

Concerned about if your baby is OK? Use The Lullaby Trust’s ‘Baby Check’.

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