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What should I do if Bluebell says my baby is crying?

  • Babies cry for lots of different reasons. When they’re young, it’s the only way for them to communicate to you! They might be tired, hungry, need their nappy changing or just want attention.

  • Bluebell will alert you when your baby’s crying and you can check on them. If they’re just stirring, you could always use your Mobile app to turn on a lullaby or white noise, to help settle them back to sleep without disturbing them too much. Read more about how your monitor can help with baby's sleep environment.

  • If you use Bluebell’s tracking and routine planning features, you may also be able to figure out why they’re crying as they’re due a feed or something similar. Read more about how your monitor can help with baby's routine.

How do I make the crying alerts more sensitive?

If you feel that you are not receiving crying alerts when you should, there are a few things to do. 

  • Make sure your Baby monitor and Parent wristband are connected [link to those articles]

  • Use your Mobile app to adjust the sensitivity - select menu (top left) and alert settings.

What does it mean by “crying for XX minutes”?

  • This is an ongoing alert which means that the issue Bluebell has alerted you about is still happening.

  • You’ll also see a small warning triangle icon on your Parent wristband clock screen, which will automatically disappear when the ongoing alerts stop.

Concerned about if your baby is OK? Use The Lullaby Trust’s ‘Baby Check’.

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