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How do I know if my Baby monitor or Parent wristband battery is low or fully discharged?

How do I know if my Baby monitor or Parent wristband is fully charged?

  • Check the lights next to the charging docks.

  • If the blue lights next to the Baby Monitor and Parent Wristband on the Smart hub are solid then they’re fully charged. 

  • When the Blue lights are flashing, it means they’re still charging.

How do I know if the battery is low in my Baby monitor or Parent wristband?

When the battery of either device is less than 20%, you’ll get a notification on your app. For the Parent wristband, you’ll also see a low battery symbol on the screen.

Please note: 

  • The Parent Wristband battery usage varies a lot when it’s connected to the Smart hub compared to when it’s not connected to it. (Not connected = uses battery faster). So, when possible, keep the Parent wristband connected to the Smart hub.

  • If you don’t need to receive alerts, you can make the Parent wristband battery last longer by putting it on flight mode. Do a long press of the top button on the clock screen, toggle with short presses of top button and confirm flight mode by pressing the bottom button.

  • Alerts can also make the battery run out faster (because of the vibrations and lights), so confirm alerts quickly to help preserve the battery life.

  • If you’re using the Mobile app for monitoring your baby, you’ll see the message “Battery saving mode”.

  • This means we’re reducing how much battery life your Baby monitor uses.

  • You’ll still get alerts even if your Baby monitor’s on “Battery saving mode”

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