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Baby's breathing is fast

What should I do if Bluebell tells me my baby’s breathing is fast?

  • Bluebell calculates your baby’s breathing rate by following the movement of their chest.

  • If Bluebell says their breathing is slow, check your baby’s breathing by counting the number of breaths per 30 secs and multiplying the number by two. If the number is lower than the values in the table below and this breathing rate continues for a while, it might be a sign that they’re having a little difficulty breathing.

Could this be a false alert?

  • If the breathing rate is within the normal thresholds but you’re still getting this alert, make sure the Baby monitor’s attached properly [link] and is following baby’s breathing pattern. (Note that external movement like rocking, moving in a pram or car can affect the measurement).


Breathing rate low

Breathing rate high

<3 months



3 - <6 months



6 - <18 months



18 - <24 months



24 months and over



Concerned about if your baby is OK? Use The Lullaby Trust’s ‘Baby Check’.

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