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Mobile app update August 7th 2020

We have made some improvements on the Bluebell app based on your feedback!

This latest update (v1.38.2):

  • Highlights more clearly if there is interference between Wifi and Bluebell radio that might cause disconnections or shorter than expected range - you will see a warning triangle on top of the side menu icon and in the menu itself
  • Shows "Looking for your Smart hub..." while initially connecting to it instead of "Smart hub not connected" to avoid confusion of when it is actually not connected
  • Allows using ounces (fl oz) as well as millilitres in all routine tracking windows
  • Shows current email address in user window so that it's easy to check which email you are logged in with
  • Shows more clearly when the baby measurements were last updated in case of a disconnection (on the screen you can enter by tapping the baby's photo)
  • ... and some other minor improvements

If you want to double check that you've got the latest version of the app, you can check the version number at the bottom of the logout screen (before you confirm logging out) showing v1.38.2p-34.0.0.

We hope this helps! Drop us a message if you've got any questions about it, or anything to do with Bluebell.

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