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Smart hub update May 12th 2021

We've got a new update for your Smart hub!

Your Smart hub will update automatically. While it does this, the night light will move around the hub for a few minutes. Please do not unplug your Smart hub while it's updating. Once updated, it will restart and then you're good to go. The update will only happen if the Baby monitor and the Parent wristband are on charge to avoid any disruption while you are using Bluebell.

This latest update (v.5.14.12) includes:

  • Using microphone mute light to indicate internet connectivity – no more nightlight blinking and waking up your baby if the internet connection drops; now the microphone mute light starts blinking if the internet connection is lost or if you need to set up the hub again - please note that nightlight will not be blinking anymore during setup or when changing wifi settings
  • Improved internet connectivity – addressing the issue of having connection being lost with the app at times or hub disconnecting otherwise
  • Re-send time to parent device if wearer logins in the app – addressing an issue of the parent wristband showing a wrong time
  • Resending parent device settings when a wearer is changed – addressing an issue of latest alert settings not being followed on the parent wristband
  • Many other performance improvements and bug fixes

We hope this helps! Drop us a message if you've got any questions or feedback about it - or anything to do with Bluebell.

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