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Baby monitor and parent wristband update 6th July 2021

This software update for baby monitor and parent wristband improves connectivity issues, especially short disconnections.

Baby monitor software v.3.1.0 and parent wristband software v.3.2.2 have the following improvements:

  • New home/away mode: now you can select if you are using the parent wristband at home at the range of the Smart hub or away without the Smart hub. We recommend using home mode whenever you are in the range of the Smart hub to minimise disconnections (see new icons below)
  • Bigger clock screen numbers: time is now shown in bigger numbers to make it easier to see 
  • Multiple connectivity fixes: many small issues were fixed to improve the stability of the connection
  • Less disturbing connectivity alerts: the connectivity alerts are now less intense and vibrations happen much less often to make them disturb you less
  • Improved battery lifethe parent wristband battery lasts longer while in home mode
  • New modesturning alerts on/off and flight mode on/off now requires less button presses

You can select modes by doing a long top button press on the clock screen, switch between different modes by pressing the top button and selecting one by pressing the bottom button. 

New mode iconsWhat does it mean?
Home mode - use this when you are at home (or otherwise in the range of the Smart hub).

Parent wristband stays always connected with Smart hub.
Away mode - use this when you are outside (or not in the range of the Smart hub).

Parent wristband tries to connect to Baby monitor if Smart hub not in range.

There is a small icon on the clock screen indicating this same mode.

Clock screen iconWhat does it mean?
Away mode. See above.

As a reminder:

  • This and all other updates will happen automatically when both of your devices are on charge.
  • You can also do the update manually on your app by going to 'Family and devices' in the main menu, then selecting devices. Here you'll see what updates are available.
  • You'll know an update is taking place when you see a back and forth night light pattern on your Smart hub (a sort of swooshing motion). Please don't unplug your Smart hub during updates.

We hope this helps! Drop us a message if you've got any questions about it, or anything to do with Bluebell.

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